GoHighLevel API Overview

What is GoHighLevel

HighLevel is complete tool to help agencies grow their business including CRM, task management, calendar, messaging and marketing. It’s focused on allowing agencies to manage their clients marketing and sales pipelines and to allow the client to better self manage.
  • Managing opportunities and a funnel to take leads to won business
  • Managing and nurturing leads
  • Reputation monitoring across facebook and google listings including sentiment analysis
  • Pre canned website content and form building
    • Website builder with drag and drop capability
  • Funnel management
    • Create multiple pipelines
    • Triggers that move opportunities through the pipeline
  • Campaign management including automating phone calls, sms messages and email
  • Webhooks to push data outside of HighLevel
  • Review management to promote positive reviews and respond to reviews

Why Use the GoHighLevel API

Two Core Functions

  • Push Data into HighLevel
    • POST - used to create a new resource - eg to create a new opportunity
    • PUT - used to update an existing resource - eg to change a current appointment
  • Pull Data out of HighLevel
    • Done by using http GET - which retrieves information

Sync GoHighLevel API Data

SyncWith specializes in syncing data to the destination of your choice in a user friendly way, if you’re interested in this check out the destinations we support:

HighLevel API Authentication

High level has two types of keys:
  • one for handling agency level objects like sub accounts and users
  • one for handling objects that are part of a sub account like contacts and opportunities.
This effectively gives each client their own API key which helps with security and separation but necessitates calling the apis multiple times to gather multiple clients info

GoHighLevel API Endpoints

High level has 12 API endpoints which are logically grouped into the various objects that HighLevel stores, eg contacts, campaigns, appointments are all seperate entities in the software and each have a unique endpoint to interact with them.
For a full review of GoHighLevel API you can view thaeir developer documentation at https://developers.gohighlevel.com/.


  • https://rest.gohighlevel.com/v1/contacts/ for a list of contacts
  • https://rest.gohighlevel.com/v1/contacts/{contact_id} for a specific contact
  • Takes the bearer token for the sub account


  • https://rest.gohighlevel.com/v1/pipelines/ for a list of all pipelines


  • https://rest.gohighlevel.com/v1/pipelines/{pipelineid}/opportunities - list of opportunities for a given pipeline ID
    • Takes optional query parameters such as
      • startDate
      • endDate
      • query
      • stageID
  • https://rest.gohighlevel.com/v1/pipelines/{pipelineId}/opportunities/{opportunityId} - a single opportunity for a given pipeline ID
    • Takes 2 path parameters
    • No optional query parameters are available


  • https://rest.gohighlevel.com/v1/campaigns/ to get a list of campaigns
  • Only query parameter available is status which can be used to filter by status with 2 available options:
    • draft
    • published
    • eg https://rest.gohighlevel.com/v1/campaigns/?status=published

Other Popular Endpoints

Other endpoints include:
  • /v1/custom-fields/
  • /v1/appointments/