Salesforce Excel Connector

Some times you just want your Salesforce data in excel for analysis
  • Sync in opportunities to do sales compensation
  • Analyzing and charting sales and outbound progress
  • Analyzing tickets
  • Bulk editing objects before syncing back up

Excel Connector for Salesforce - What We’ll Cover

  • Sync and export your Saleforce data to Excel with no code
  • Refresh your Salesforce data instantly
  • We’ll use the SyncWith app for Excel (used by 100,000s of people across Google Sheets, Airtable, Data Studio and more)
  • Contact our support for fast help if you run into any issues
Follow along to get your Facebook ads data into Google Sheets:

Don’t have SyncWith?

  • SyncWith is a free Excel App
  • SyncWith allows you to move data from any API into Excel including marketing and sales tools like MailChimp, Pardot, Facebook, Tiktok, Hubspot and Google Ads - check out the 1000s of api integrations we support
  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Reviewed by hundreds of businesses

How Does SyncWith Work?

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Connecting Salesforce to Excel

To import and sync Salesforce objects (contacts, accounts, opportunities, cases, etc) to Excel we’ll be using the SyncWith addon (available for free in Microsoft’s AppSource). SyncWith makes it super easy to connect 1000s of APIs and databases to Excel. It’s trusted by over 100,000 businesses and it’s easy to use. It’s much better than a webhook as it can keep your data for any period synced to your spreadsheet.
Once you have the SyncWith app installed you can select Salesforce from the 1000s of services available:
  1. Open the SyncWith app
  1. Select or search for salesforce
  1. Select Salesforce SOQL
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Configuring your Salesforce Excel Integration

After selecting Salesforce SOQL you’ll see a configuration screen, in all the examples we’re going to use Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL) - this lets you retrieve any data you want from your salesforce instance.
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Authenticating to Salesforce

The first thing you need to do is authenticate Syncwith to access the data in your Salesforce instance.
  1. Choose Connect an Account
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  1. A webpage in will open to Salesforce asking you to log in
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  1. Accept all the permissions and pages you want SyncWith to pull data from and you’ll get a message letting you know you’re connected
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  1. Click Allow and then go back to Excel
  1. You will need to reload the connections by closing and reopening the app - future connections to Salesforce will just work
  1. You should now see your account connected with an authorized Salesforce user

Creating a SOQL Query

There are lots of examples on how to do advanced SOQL queries on the internet, we’ll stick to the basics of importing your Opportunities, Contacts, Accounts and other SFDC objects into Excel.

Exporting Salesforce Opportunities to Excel

We follow the pattern Select fields from object, so to select the fields:
  • Name
  • Amount
  • Probability
  • ExpectedRevenue
  • CloseDate
  • Type
  • NextStep
  • LeadSource
  • IsClosed
  • IsWon
and restrict it to opportunities created in the last 90 days. We would right the following SOQL statement:
select Name,Amount,Probability,ExpectedRevenue,CloseDate,Type,NextStep,LeadSource,IsClosed,IsWon from opportunity where createddate = LAST_N_DAYS:90
If you don’t know all the fields from the start you can use fields(all), fields(standard) and fields(custom) to grab all the fields, only standard fields or only custom fields for a given object. As an example to get all the fields for an Opportunities created in the last 90 days
select fields(all) from opportunity where createddate = LAST_N_DAYS:90

Exporting Salesforce Leads to Excel

To sync the last 90 days of leads to excel you’d use:
select fields(all) from lead where createddate = LAST_N_DAYS:90

Exporting Salesforce Accounts to Excel

To sync all of your sfdc accounts to excel you’d use:
select fields(all) from account

Exporting Salesforce Contacts to Excel

To sync all of your salesforce contacts to excel you’d use:
select fields(all) from contact

Synching the Data to your Spreadsheet

Now that you’ve gotten your request configured it’s time to pull the data into our excel spreadsheet
  1. Click the Save button
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  1. SyncWith will begin creating the connection, creating a new table in the base and importing the requested data, you see the Save button grey out and change to Saving
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  1. Once complete the configuration screen will close, a new sheet will be created with the same name as the connection and the results will be updated:
  1. The extension will also add the new report to a list of existing reports, each report has a context menu allowing you to Edit or Delete the report

Editing / Deleting Your FB Ads Connection

You can edit any of your connections with the context menu using the Edit and Delete options.

Refreshing Facebook Ads Data

You can refresh the data by hitting the Refresh button.