Connect Instagram Post Insights to Google Sheets

Connecting to the Instagram Posts API to Google Sheets via SyncWith

In this reference we’ll look at how to setup a Instagram Post Insights API connection.
This API endpoint is designed for Instagram Business Account and requires a linked Facebook Account with privileges to the Account.
This is a fairly simple endpoint, SyncWith will enable you to get basic data about your Instagram Posts into a Google Sheet so you can analyze the engagement of your Instagram Posts.
In SyncWith if you search for instagram you’ll get two 3 results, this guide deals with moving Instagram Post Insights data into Google Sheets. You can check out our guides for Instagram Ads via the Facebook Ads API if you want to analyze your ad spend on Instagram.
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Setting up a Connection

  • Connect via the Facebook API
  • Choose a page connected to your Facebook account
  • Choose your fields, for example:
    • Impressions
    • Like
    • Reach
    • Engagement
    • Post Caption
  • Set your Scheduling and Update Mode
  • Hit Insert
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Available Fields

Instagram Post Fields
Caption of the instagram post
Total number of likes including replies on comments. Excludes likes on album child media and likes on promoted posts created from the media.
Media Product Type
Type of post, can be FEED STORY AD
Media Type
Type of media used in the post, can be CAROUSEL_ALBUM IMAGE VIDEO
Permanent URL to the post.
Time the post was created. ISO 8601-formatted UTC (default is UTC ±00:00).
Video Title
Deprecated may return null
Number of comments on the post. Excludes comments on album child media and the media's caption. Includes replies on comments.
Unique identifier of the post.
Sum of likes, comments and saves on the post / media
Total number of non-paid unique people / unique instagram accounts who saw the post/media.
Total number of times your post / media has been seen, it is non-unique.
Number of times the post/media has been saved

Setting the Update Mode

SyncWith supports 3 update modes:
  1. Replace contents of sheet
  1. Append rows to end of sheet
  1. Update or add rows as needed
The first two options are simple in nature, the last option to update or add rows as needed is more advanced
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Replace Contents of Sheet

PREFERRED MODE for almost all Instagram Post Insights use cases
Every time you refresh or SyncWith refreshes based on your predefined schedule, all the cells will be deleted and the new data will be inserted.
  • Any computational rows that you’ve added will not get deleted as long as they are outside of the range being updated. If you’ve inserted a computational row in between other data rows it will get over written
  • Formatting you apply will stay in tact, eg if you specify a percentage, number, date that formatting for the column will persist.

Append Rows to End of Sheet

NOT COMMONLY USED OR RECOMMENDED for Instagram Post Insights use cases
Every time you refresh or SyncWith refreshes based on your predefined schedule SyncWith will append the new rows to the last line with data
  • The entire sheet will not be re-sorted based on any sort you have but the appended data will be sorted and appended according to the sort you specified.
  • It will NOT prevent duplicate rows from being created
  • It will NOT update existing rows
  • If you want to only append new rows or properly update existing rows then you need to use Update or Add Rows as Needed
  • This is not a popular updating mode for Instagram users

Update or Add Rows as Needed

RARELY USED for Instagram Post Insights use cases
  • This mode uses all of the columns dimensions columns as a key to determine if a row is unique.
  • If the row is unique then it will add a new row
  • If the row is not unique it will update the metrics if they’ve changed.
This update mode is not commonly used because it is redundant with replacing all the posts as all posts are currently downloaded.

Scheduling How Often you Sync Your Data to Google Sheets

Manual Refresh

Manual Refresh Is the default scheduling for a connection. Data will not be updated until you actively refresh it. In order to refresh the data you must either:
  • Refresh your data from in the SyncWith addon side bar via the refresh button - all connections can be manually refreshed
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  • Refresh via the Add-on menu, allowing you to refresh all connections setup, or all connection(s) pushing data to the current active sheet
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  • Refresh via the check box (located in the header above the data table)
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Scheduled Refreshes

There are 3 options for scheduled refreshes:
  • Automatically refresh daily will refresh the data every day at the same time. The time is set based on when the connection was last updated. If you wish to set the refresh to happen at a specific time you would need to open the connection and save it at that time. This is the recommended refresh period for updating posts.
  • Automatically refresh hourly will refresh the data every hourly
  • Automatically refresh every 5 minutes will refresh the data every 5 minutes. This is not typically used for instagram post data. But if you had a staff looking at all the recent orders it could make sense, you could constanly pull the current and last days data rapidly to monitor things in close to real time.

Sample Connections

The Post Insights API is fairly straight forward, given Timestamp is available you can accomplish a number of time based uses cases:
  • Track post engagement over time - are you engaging more and more people
  • Track post reach over time - are you reaching more and more people
Comparing Reach and Engagement
  • You can compare which post types drive the most engagement and reach

Need Help Analyzing your Instagram Post Data?

Contact Support and we can try and answer any questions you have.