Troubleshooting Google Ads

When using SyncWith’s Google Ads connector, you may see errors when trying to access a customer account.

“Please re-connect your account”

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Google sometimes requires users to re-authorize applications. This is a Google security mechanism that SyncWith has no control over.
Solution: When this happens, please re-connect your account by clicking on the account picker dropdown, then selecting Connect an account.
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You will be prompted to grant SyncWith access to your account again.

“No customers found”

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You may have connected the wrong Google account. For example, you may have connected a personal account that does not have access to any Google Ads accounts. Solution: Verify you are using the correct account.

“Two-step verification not enabled”

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Your account does not have two-factor authentication enabled. Google requires all accounts accessing Google Ads to have two-factor authentication enabled. Solution: Follow Google’s instructions to enable two-factor authentication for your account.