Scheduled report refreshes

Chris Reid

Chris Reid

Scheduling API Data Refreshes

At the surface setting up schedule refreshes with sync with is easy, simply choose your report, select schedule from the accordion menu and choose your desired refresh schedule (manual, daily or hourly):
notion image

Data Recency Considerations

  • For some data recency is very important - eg if you are a day trader you probably want your data refreshed more often and would likely use hourly
  • For daily KPI check-ins such as site performance, weather, etc. daily is probably a good option
  • For some connections there is a cost to pulling the data - either in terms of rate limiting or actual api usage (ahrefs, semrush) and so pulling much more slowly is desirable and manual suits just fine

Impact of Sync Mode

  • Sometimes you want to have to pull daily but you also want a lot of historical data but you don't want to be pulling 180 days of duplicate data every day
  • For this reason you should do the following
    • Have the connection in manual mode
    • Load the last 180 days of data
    • Change the period to be say the last 2 days
    • Switch the schedule to daily
    • Syncwith will no sync the last 2 days of data every day and you'll also have your historical data in your sheet

Known Limitations

  • The scheduled time cannot be set. Currently the time is set to:
    • The first time the connection has a change to it's schedule value - eg you change it to daily at 1pm in the afternoon, it will now refresh every day at 1pm
    • The report has any change made to it will cause the schedule time to change to that time as well
  • Reports can not be prioritized or run in a specific order
  • Only two options exist: daily and hourly
  • Work arounds:
    • Given that reports do in fact run at a specific time one could modify them in such a way such that they run in a specific order and at a specific time. We plan to improve scheduling in the future but this hack does allow some configuration albeit quite fragile.