Export Hubspot Companies

One time export or keep Hubspot Companies Synced?

  1. Use the Hubspot app to one time export your company objects to csv or xlsx
  1. Use the hubspot API and SyncWith to keep your hubspot data synced to Google Sheets, Excel or Airtable

Why Export Hubspot Companies?

Often you’ll want to move Hubspot companies into a spreadsheet to analyze or work with the data, reasons could include:
  • Bulk editing of company data
  • Tracking and reporting on new companies your sales team is interacting with
  • Sales dashboard in combination with exporting hubspot deals and exporting hubspot contacts
  • Joining with data from other systems - eg Marketo, Pardot, Salesforce, Mailchimp, Hubspot Deal data
  • Analysis via pivot tables or filtering

What We’ll Cover

  • How to export Hubspot companies from within the Hubpsot app
  • How to export to Excel
  • How to export to Google sheets
  • How to export to Airtable
  • How to keep your companies synced daily

Export Hubspot Companies from Hubspot

  1. Go to https://app.hubspot.com/
  1. Login to your account
  1. Got to Companies ( under the Contacts menu )
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  1. Select Export view from the Actions drop down
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  1. Configure your export
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  • Select the format you prefer: XLS, XLSX, CSV
  • Determine which properties you want (only that in the view or all deal properties)

Problems with Exporting from Hubspot

  • You have to wait for the export to be finished and wait for email notification
  • If you have to do this a lot constantly logging in, exporting, getting the email and then cut and pasting and importing is a pain
  • Can’t keep it synched or refresh the results quickly
  • If you’re also syncing companies and other data it’s best to just set up a sync between Hubspot and your platform of choice
  • If you want a really nice hubspot dashboard that updates daily in a spreadsheet then you should setup a daily or even hourly sync of your companies data

Syncing Hubspot Companies to Spreadsheets & Databases

How to Export Hubspot Companies to Google Sheets

You can easily export and sync hubspot data to google sheets, this has the following advantages:
  • Data can be updated hourly
  • Data can easily be merged with hubspot deals and hubspot contacts info
  • We also provide a default sheets template to do this so it’s easy to get started

How to Export Hubspot Companies to Excel

You can easily export and sync hubspot data to Excel
  • Data can be easily refreshed and joined with other Hubspot data such as deals
  • Use the Power Query and other powerful Excel features

How to Export Hubspot Companies to Airtable

You can easily export and sync hubspot data to Airtable
  • Data can synced and joined with other Hubspot data such as deals
  • Integrate and sync your hubspot dealss into your airtable database
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Don’t have SyncWith?

  • SyncWith is an addon for Google Sheets, Excel and Airtable
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