Pulling Airtable records into Google Sheets

Alex Black

Alex Black


In this tutorial we're going to show you how to sync data from Airtable into Google Sheets using the SyncWith addon to talk to the AirTable API. We'll assume that you already have an Airtable account, and at least one table of data there.

Step 1: Get your API key

Airtable has an API and will let you access it using a key.
Go to and you can find your API key there.
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Step 2: Get the ID of the base to get your data from

AirTable stores data in Bases.
  1. Go to to see a list of your bases
  1. Click on the one you want
  1. Find the base ID in the text The ID of this base is

Step 3: Make sure you know the name of the Table

On the base page you clicked on just above, there will be a list of your tables, you need the table's name that you want to get data from.

Step 4: Setup the connection

We'll use the endpoint /v0/{base}/{table} to fetch data about the table.
  1. Paste{base}/{table} into the SyncWith addon
  1. Enter your API key, base ID and table name
  1. Hit Preview (or Run)
  1. Use the + Expand button to unpack the nested fields into columns
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Try it now!

Replace <ApiKeyHere> with your Airtable API Key.

List table record [Airtable]

Please fill in any necessary fields and click Run.



View the API data, get a live Google Sheet dashboard


Get a live Google Sheet

Export your data to a google sheet, with the SyncWith Addon, or download to CSV

Automatically updated

Add data sources

Build reports & dashboards


Airtable returns at most 100 rows at a time. If you need to get more than 100 rows, then you can configure the SyncWith Google Sheets Addon to perform pagination, so that it will make multiple requests and compile all the data into one sheet. Here is a screenshot of how to configure pagination for Airtable, it uses Cursor based pagination.
You can also find more details in our article about API Pagination.
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