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Alex Black

Alex Black

Getting live weather data from OpenWeatherMap

In this article we're going to use the OpenWeatherMap free API to pull weather forecasts for the next 7 days. OpenWeatherMap has a number of API endpoints, we're going to use One Call which returns a forecasts for the next hour, 48 hours, and 7 days.
This API method returns a lot of data, we've used the SyncWith Google Sheets Addon to select just the data we wanted, which is inside the daily field, and inside there we took most of the data from the temp and feels_like fields, deleting the rest of the data that we didn't need.

Step 1: Get an API Key

First, you'll need an API key from OpenWeatherMap, to do that go and sign up for a free account.
Paste your API key into the box below labelled appid

Step 2: Get the coordinates of the place you'd like the weather for

Get the latitude and longitude of the place you'd like to get the weather for, I did this following the instructions Get the coordinates of a place from google here:
Copy and paste the numeric values into the lat and lon boxes below.

Step 3: Customize (Optional)

By default I've set the units parameter to imperial which will get you temperature in Fahrenheit, you can change it to metric to get temperature in Celsius

Step 4: Get your weather data

Once you've filled in the values below, click Submit to get your data!

Daily weather

Please fill in any necessary fields and click Run.



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