Create List of all Salesforce Reports

What We’ll Cover

  • How to get a list of reports using Salesforce SOQL
  • Example using Google Sheets showing salesforce reports exported to Google Sheets
  • How to keep the data sync’d daily

What We’ll Use

  • Google Sheets as a example place to export your reports to

Video Overview

Before you jump in here’s a video showing both:
  • A report list being pulled into Google Sheets

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How to Create a List of All Reports in Salesforce

  1. Ensure you have the SyncWith api connector installed for your platform of choice
    1. API connector for Google Sheets
    2. API connector for Excel
    3. API connector for Airtable
  1. Use the SOQL Salesforce Connector
    1. Open the addon
    2. Search for Salesforce SOQL
    3. Select the connector
    4. notion image
  1. OAuth to Salesforce
  1. Setup the Connection
    1. Give the report a SyncWith Report a Name
    2. Enter the SOQL Query
    3. In the example screen shot we’re get the following fields for each report:
      1. Id
      2. Name
      3. Description
      4. Owner.Name
      5. CreatedDate
      6. LastViewedDate
    4. Using limit 100 to only get 100 reports
    5. Using order by LastViewedDate to get the most recently reviewed reports
    6. SOQL code is to the right →
notion image
SOQL Code:
select id,name,description,, createddate,LastViewedDate from report order by LastViewedDate desc limit 100
  1. Click Next
  1. Specify if you want the data in a specific cell or if you don’t specify a cell it will create a new sheet with the same name you specified for the SyncWith report
  1. Click Update

Other Common Questions

What fields are available for reports?

This is the id of the user who created the salesforce report
The id of the user who created the report isn’t super useful, use this to get their salesforce user name
Date the report was created
Unique text name given to the report for SFDC developer purpos
Useful if you only want to look at reports that are for a specific org / team (requires you to use folders to organize things)
Lets you know if the report was deleted
Get the id of the user who last modified the salesforce report
Gets the name of the user who last modified the salesforce report
Name of the report
SFDC id of the owner who created the salesforce report
Name of the SFDC user who owns the salesforce report

How to request all report fields without typing them all

You can use the query function fields(all), but you must limit the query to 200 results, eg:
select fields(all) from report limit 200

Do you have more salesforce import / export content

Yes, check out some of the content we have so far, and

How to print a list of reports in salesforce

  1. Export the reports you want to google sheets
  1. File Menu and then print