Export Report from Salesforce

What We’ll Cover

  • How to export your Salesforce Report
  • Setting up a sync, example using Google Sheets
  • How to keep the data sync’d daily
  • Sample Google Sheet you can copy to do this all easily yourself

What We’ll Use

  • SyncWith Salesforce API data connector to request a report and import it into Google Sheets, Excel or Airtable.
  • Google Sheets as a example place to export your reports to

Don’t have SyncWith but want to Follow along?

  • SyncWith is an addon for Google Sheets, Excel and Airtable
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How to Export a Report in Salesforce

Salesforce has an API endpoint that takes a report ID and returns the report so all we need to do is:
  1. Get our report ID
  1. Send a request to the endpoint with the report ID
  1. Import the data into Excel, Google Sheets or Airtable

Export Report to Google Sheets

We’ll call an API endpoint in Google Sheets, specifically the Salesforce endpoint: https://{server}.my.salesforce.com/services/data/v56.0/analytics/reports/{report_id}
The endpoint takes two inputs:
  1. Your unique salesforce server id, which you can see when you log into salesforce, it’s the part of your domain before lightning.force.com or my.salesforce.com
notion image
  1. your report ID, which you can see in the URL for any report:
notion image

But I’m not a Coder - How do I Use the API?

Here’s a 2 min video showing how to easily export a report with no code:
  1. Get SyncWith for Google Sheets
  1. Paste in the URL https://{server}.my.salesforce.com/services/data/v56.0/analytics/reports/{report_id}
  1. Enter your server
  1. Enter your report ID
  1. Click preview
  1. Click Insert

Export a report from Salesforce and Keep it Synched

  • Once you’ve setup your first report you can go open it up
  • Click on the Scheduling and configure your refresh schedule
notion image

How do I get a list of Salesforce reports and the IDs?

We have a separate tutorial on how to get a list of your salesforce reports and ids pulled into a spreadsheet:


Can salesforce export a report to Google Sheets?

Yes you can easily sync a salesforce report to Google Sheets using the API connector for Google Sheets.
The above example uses the api connector to do so

How to export salesforce reports to excel

Use our API connector for Excel and follow the instructions above to access the reporting endpoint

How to auto export salesforce report to excel on a schedule

If you want to sync your salesforce reports to excel on a schedule you’ll need to install the SyncWith API connector for Excel, the connector does not support sync for local excel files but you can easily refresh the report with the click of a button.

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