Google Sheet Salesforce Connector

Salesforce is a big ecosystem with a very robust set of APIs and options. SyncWith provides a data connector to access all of the Salesforce’s APIs within Google Sheets. We have a wide range of tutorials covering the different APIs and their usage for example:

Salesforce APIs you can connect to Google Sheets

SyncWith supports any and all Salesforce APIs to sync data from Salesforce to Google Sheets or from Google Sheets to Salesforce. We also have specialized connectors for common tasks such as our SOQL Connector.
You can view a full list of the Salesforce’s REST API endpoints and their functions here.
Some of the supported API endpoints include:


  • Retrieve, created and edit salesforce objects


  • Sends a SOSL query to Salesforce to perform a search as you would in the console


  • Executes a SOQL query and returns the result


  • Same as above accept queryAll will return deleted, merged and archived records while Query will not


  • Get suggested salesforce articles for a given salesforce object


  • Sends the right SOQL query to get the listview results
  • Saves time righting SOQL and unifies reporting in and outside of salesforce


  • Returns which pages users are viewing most frequently in the license experience
  • Helps administrators understand what is / isn’t being used

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Common Questions

  • Why is Supermetrics 10-20X more expensive? We’re not sure why they charge so much, we just run a different business model. you can access 1000s of APIs and be good company with the thousands of other users who rely on SyncWith every day.

Marketing APIs and Content

While SyncWith supports 1000s of APIs if you’re interested in Marketing APIs or Sales APIs, the following content might be interesting:
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