SyncWith Analytics Beta

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Custom Dashboards by SyncWith

SyncWith’s Analytics beta is designed to allow marketers to gain access to custom dashboards built specifically for them and their agency partners.
Better understand your core KPIs for paid and organic marketing, measure and track progress and performance. We’ll provide an easy-to-understand visual representation of data you need to identify areas of improvement and successes.
We want to help you quickly spot potential problems and opportunities, allowing you to adjust strategies accordingly. By tracking metrics, you can also compare performance against competitors, identify areas of opportunity, and make informed decisions about the best ways to optimize campaigns and content production.


  • Custom dashboards designed and built by SyncWith
  • Data syncs hourly or daily depending on the source
  • Generate insights across multiple categories
  • Benefit from the experience SyncWith has with 100,000+ users generating custom insights across over 1000 different APIs
  • Instead of paying for multiple reporting platforms, data sources or connectors we package it all into a single offering
  • We will work with your agency, outside contractor to ensure the correct data is flowing

Tell me About the Beta

  • We are custom building the analytics dashboards on behalf of marketers, in the future you will be able choose from a wide array of configurable dashboards.
  • We’ll work with you to design custom dashboards in Data Studio and Google Sheets, with the primary destination being Google Sheets.
  • We’ll design 2 dashboards for each client in the first month and over the first 6 months will add 4 more dashboards for each client
  • We will consult with you and start charging after the first 2 dashboards are built
  • The cost of the beta will be a fixed monthly fee and SyncWith will provide all consultation at no charge.
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Selecting Your Dashboards

During our beta we will only be working with a small set of clients so as to optimize the experience and outcome for them. Your dashboards will be a collaborative process based on:
  • Your needs and goals for KPI tracking and insights
  • What data is available through our connectors
  • What is reasonably possible with Data Studio and Google Sheets

All Your Data Merged

With over 1000 APIs being used in SyncWith we can ensure the right data is combined and filtered the way you want it:
  • Ads data from Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads
  • SEO data from SEMRush, Ahrefs, DataForSEO
  • Ecommerce data from Stripe, Shopify, Woocommerce
  • CRM data from HubSpot and Salesforce


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Optimizing Social Marketing

Track Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter
  • Track popular posts over time
  • Understand which videos users engage with
  • Gain insights into the type of posts that drive interactions
  • Track your account over time
  • See if users abandon your stories or swipe away
  • Track evergreen content
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Optimizing SEO & Search

Track performance in the SERPs and competitors
  • Track your top 50 landing pages
  • Understand your CTR by keyword for each landing page
  • Track conversions to understand which pages drive sales / signups
  • See organic trends over time to see if you’re SEO is working
  • See how each of your top pages ranks in the SERPs
  • What are your top keywords by page
  • Which competitors outrank you for specific keywords
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AdSet Management & Review

Better understand which campaigns perform and why
  • Filter campaigns and ad sets
  • Quickly understand which images, videos and titles are driving the best conversions
  • Understand thumb stop ratios
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Competitor Review

  • View the new content your competitors are publishing each month
  • Understand which content / products drive the most traffic to your competitor’s site
  • See which pages they are buying traffic to on a sustained basis
  • Learn which keywords they are targeting organically and with paid search ads

Getting Started

In order to get started with our beta please reach out to and we’ll get the process started or if your agency / consultant is working with us already please consult with them to get started.


SyncWith analytics will be available to beta customers at a discounted price of $99.99 per month (from 249.99 per month) with no cost for the consulting work or dashboard creation.