Get Twitter user followers count into Google Sheets

Alex Black

Alex Black

We have articles on tracking subscriber counts for: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.


Using the SyncWith Google Sheets Addon we can pull metrics from the Twitter API including follower count, following count and more, for one username, or a list of usernames from Google Sheets. To do this we'll make use of the twitter users by username endpoint.


  1. Install the SyncWith Google Sheets Addon
  1. Search for Twitter, and choose the /2/users/by/username/{username} endpoint, or paste in the endpoint:{username}
  1. Press Connect to authorize access to the twitter API using your twitter account
  1. Populate the username field
  1. Set the field user.fields to the value public_metrics telling twitter you want that user's public metrics returned
  1. Click Preview
  1. You should now see the data returned from Twitter
  1. In the preview dialog, you can click + Expand on field public_metrics to break out the metrics into their own columns
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Try it live

Try it below, and then export the results to a connected Google Sheet!

Twitter user metrics

Please fill in any necessary fields and click Run.



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