How to find YouTube Channel ID

Many YouTube API calls require the YouTube channel ID in order to work. This can be a little frustrating: you need to go from a friendly YouTube URL like to something absolutely bizarre-looking like UCn7dB9UMTBDjKtEKBy_XISw
There are two ways to do this, which we’ll get to in a second.

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Options for getting your YouTube Channel ID

Option 1: Use view-source on the YouTube channel page

  1. Go to the YouTube channel whose ID you want, for example:
  1. Use your browser’s view source feature by pressing Control and U at the same time
  1. Search for itemprop="channelId"
  1. Take the content value
notion image
In this case, the correct value is UCn7dB9UMTBDjKtEKBy_XISw
This is guaranteed to give you the correct channel ID, but can feel a bit intimidating. So you might prefer our second approach, detailed below.

Option 2: Use SyncWith to search for channels

In this approach, you’ll use the YouTube API to search for channels matching a query term. You can try it live below, trying searching for miley cyrus.
This approach is a bit easier to try, but for very popular terms, you will have to be careful to pick the correct channel from the search results.
Tip: You can compare the description field to the contents of the YouTube channel’s About page to make sure it’s the right page.

Find channel ID

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