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Connect your favorite apps and services to Google Sheets. Build reports, charts and dashboards against live data.

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Introducing SyncWithUnlock your data

How many hours do you waste each week, logging into reporting portals, running reports, exporting to CSV and copying and pasting into Google Sheets for analysis? Save time with our free add-on that can be used directly inside of Google Sheets.

Configure your API integrations once, then push a button and let us worry about syncing partner data into your spreadsheets on your behalf. No coding experience is required.

SyncWith has built in support for many popular apps and services, and without writing any code you can connect it to almost any serivce on the Internet.

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Choose an app or service, login if needed, and preview your data, click and get a live Google Sheets dashboard.

Facebook Ads

Build live dashboards to manage your Facebook Ad campaigns, monitor add spend, CTR, ROAS, app installs and more!

Google Analytics

Get a single view of the metrics that are most important to you for your website.

Yahoo Finance

Get live stock quotes, monitor your portfolio, analyze the market, buy low, sell high!


Track your Instagram posts, report on engagement to identify top content


Get the latest prices for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and hundreds of other coins. Track your portfolio, get order book data, make investment descisions.


Get access to your store's data, report on customers, orders, products and more.

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