Google Data Studio Connectors

SyncWith for Google Data Studio (aka Looker Studio) lets you create reports and pull data your marketing channels and tools. Whether you're going deep on one data source, or combining many data sources into one report, SyncWith has you covered

Facebook Ads to Looker Studio
Facebook Ads
Track your campaigns' spend, performance, clicks, conversions and more, break them down by any dimension including day week or month
Shopify to Looker Studio
Connect your Shopify store to pull Orders and Products into Looker Studio, use dimensions to report on sales by day, week or month and more.
Stripe to Looker Studio
Pull your stripe charges and sales into Looker Studio to slice and dice.
WooCommerce to Looker Studio
Pull your WooCommerce orders into Looker Studio to build realtime sales and order dashboards and reports.
Postgres to Google Data Studio
Connect Postgres databases to Google Data Studio including AWS, Amazon Aurora, Heroku and more.