Google Sheets Integrations

Facebook Ads to Google Sheets
Facebook Ads
Track your campaigns' spend, performance, clicks, conversions and more, break them down by any dimension including day week or month
Google Ads to Google Sheets
Google Ads
Report on spend, track your campaigns, adgroups and keywords, stay on top of your search terms, break it down by conversion and more
Google Analytics to Google Sheets
Google Analytics UA
The original Google Analytics (Universal Analytics) is still popular, pull traffic, pageviews, events and goals into Google Sheets
GA4 to Google Sheets
Google Analytics
Pull raw data directly from the latest Google Analytics v4, build custom reports, segment data, track by day, week or month and more
Google Search Console to Google Sheets
Google Search Console
Pull raw and historical data from Google Search Console, to get on top of your SEO, identify keyword opportunities, track rankings of your pages in the SERPs
Shopify Google Sheets Integration
Connect your Shopify store to pull Orders and Products into Google Sheets, use pivot tables to report on sales by day, week or month and more.
MySQL Google Sheets Integration
Get business insights from MySQL into Google Sheets.
Postgres Google Sheets Integration
Quickly get business insights from your internal Postgres database into Google Sheets
Notion Google Sheets Integration
Sync items from Notion databases
YouTube Analytics Sheets Integration
YouTube Analytics
Detailed engagement metrics for your YouTube channels and videos.