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Connect to all your marketing channels and tools including Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, Shopify and more.

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Unlock your data

Build reports in no time

Use SyncWith's addon for Google Sheets to automatically update live data into your sheets daily or hourly.

Use a tool you already know.
Build your reports with the power of Google Sheets, use charts, pivot tables, formulas and more.
All your metrics in one place.
No need to login check and configure reports in multiple places. SyncWith enables you setup all your reports in one place and never look back.
Report on whats important to you.
Your business and marketing are unique, your reporting should reflect your goals and needs.
Google Sheets marketing dashboard made with the SyncWith Google Sheets addon

5 out of 5 stars

Easy to use with all the dimensions and metrics required for Facebook Ads reporting, and lots more.

Sylvia Simon


Data at your fingertips

SyncWith lets you create reports and pull data from hundreds of marketing channels and tools. Whether you're going deep on one data source, or combining many data sources into one report, SyncWith has you covered

Facebook Ads to Google Sheets
Facebook Ads
Track your campaigns' spend, performance, clicks, conversions and more, break them down by any dimension including day week or month
Google Ads to Google Sheets
Google Ads
Report on spend, track your campaigns, adgroups and keywords, stay on top of your search terms, break it down by conversion and more
Google Analytics to Google Sheets
Google Analytics UA
The original Google Analytics (Universal Analytics) is still popular, pull traffic, pageviews, events and goals into Google Sheets
GA4 to Google Sheets
GA4 (Google Analytics v4)
Pull raw data directly from the latest Google Analytics v4, build custom reports, segment data, track by day, week or month and more
Google Search Console to Google Sheets
Google Search Console
Pull raw and historical data from Google Search Console, to get on top of your SEO, identify keyword opportunities, track rankings of your pages in the SERPs
Shopify Google Sheets Integration
Connect your Shopify store to pull Orders and Products into Google Sheets, use pivot tables to report on sales by day, week or month and more.

5 out of 5 stars

Detailed and rapid. Best choice for digital marketers.

Ömer Öztosun

Use case: Marketing agencies

SyncWith is used by many marketing agencies, whether your clients are SaaS, B2B, B2C, eCommerce or mobile, we've got their channels covered.

Share reports with clients

Using SyncWith saves time, automating your reporting. Design a report once, and automatically update it so you can share the latest peformance with your client with no work at all.

Track your performance

Stay on top of your spend and performance, SyncWith will update your reports daily or hourly, so you won't miss a beat. Track performance across all your channels in one place.

Report on all your clients

SyncWith can report on multiple client accounts at once, enabling you to get a birds eye view of spend and performance in seconds.

5 out of 5 stars

This tool is fantastic and the support is amazing. I wish I learned about it way sooner. I can easily pull data from our business and show our customers how they can get their data with the tool and they don't even need developers. Love this!

Andy Nadler