Sync to Google Data Studio

Sync Facebook Ads, Shopify Orders, and more to Google Data Studio

Install the connector to get started

How it Works

Install and configure the connector

1. Add a new data source. Either go to the Create a data source page and search for SyncWith to find the connector, or click here to go directly to the connector.
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2. The connector supports multiple services. Click the Service dropdown to pick which service to use.
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3. After picking a service, the configuration screen adjusts to collect the necessary information to work with the service. Depending on the service, you may need to click the link to authorize SyncWith to access the service, or you may need to enter API credentials directly.
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4. After finishing your configuration, click the CONNECT button in the upper right corner.
5. Data Studio will show you a preview of the fields that you have access to. Rename the data source from FREE Facebook Ads + more to something more descriptive, and then click CREATE REPORT.
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Install the connector to get started

Watch our intro video

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Need Help?

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