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Yahoo Finance Tutorials

Yahoo Finance - Major Holders Breakdown

Using Yahoo Finance's undocumented API you can get a lot of information about a particular stock. If you want to get the Major Holders breakdown, to see what % of the shares are owned by insiders and institutions, you can request the module majorHoldersBreakdown

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Yahoo Finance - Getting Balance Sheet data

Learn how to use Yahoo Finance's undocumented API. Specifically we'll show how to use the SyncWith Addon to extract Balance Sheet financial data for any public company based on their stock ticker.

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Popular Endpoints

get /v10/finance/quoteSummary/{symbol}

Advanced users; get details about a stock

Use this endpoint

get /v8/finance/chart/{symbol}

Get historical prices for a symbol

Use this endpoint

get /v7/finance/quote

Get key details about multiple tickers at once

Use this endpoint

get /v7/finance/download/{symbol}

Get information about a stock ticker.

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Key API Info

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