YouTube Data



Access YouTube channel and video information.

YouTube Data Tutorials

Get YouTube video views by traffic source type

Drill into the number of views each of your videos gets by the source of the traffic, for example advertising, external links and embeds.

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How to find YouTube Channel ID

Many YouTube API calls require the YouTube channel ID. Learn how to find the channel ID for any YouTube channel.

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Get YouTube subscriber counts and view counts into Google Sheets

Learn how to export statistics about YouTube channels, including subscriber, video and view counts, into Google Sheets.

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Export YouTube video engagement stats to Google Sheets

Do you run a YouTube channel? You can use the YouTube API to export all your videos and their likes, views, comment counts etc to Google Sheets using the SyncWith Addon

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Export a YouTube Playlist to a Spreadsheet

Do you have large YouTube playlist(s)? You can use the YouTube API to export your playlist of videos or songs to CSV or Google Sheets. We'll show how to do this, and how to have a live updating export in Google Sheets.

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Popular Endpoints

get /youtube/v3/playlistItems

Retrieve videos from a playlist

Use this endpoint

get /youtube/v3/playlists

Search for playlists

Use this endpoint

get /youtube/v3/channels

Get data about a channel

Use this endpoint

get /youtube/v3/search

Search for YouTube videos or channels

Use this endpoint

Key API Info

Official links
Base endpoint
Bearer token via OAuth 2
Cursor-based pagination. Request more results with the maxResults parameter, than use the pageToken parameter to fetch subsequent pages.

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