Connecting Notion tables to Google Sheets

Alex Black

Alex Black


Do you use notion? Have you setup tables with lots of data? Using the SyncWith Google Sheets Addon, you can easily create a live connection to pull all the rows in a table live into Google Sheets using the Notion API.
In addition to Notion SyncWith supports 1000s of other APIs including Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google Analytics, MySQL, Postgres - see the top 100 APIs over 100,000 business are synching to Sheets.

Step 1: Get your API access token

To use Notion's API you'll need an access token, in the format secret_x1BBlsE5pEV5gi5avoaW3NNywenxBHMHLCtP6qvurzn
To get an access token, you need to create an Integration at Notion. I created an internal integration. You can read more here:

Step 2: Share page(s) with your integration

Before your integration can access any pages (which contain the tables you're interested in), you'll need to share those pages with the integration.
To do this click Share on the top right of the page in Notion that has the table you want to connect to Google Sheets, then in the invite box click to find the integration you setup in Step 1.

Step 3: Use SyncWith to query the table

Paste your API key into the form below. Your list of tables will then load. Note that in Notion’s API, a table is called a database.
Once you’ve picked your table, pick the fields you’d like to retrieve and press Run.


Expand nested data, rename and delete columns

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