How to get a Notion API key

Colin Dellow

Colin Dellow

When using our Notion google sheets integration, you must create an integration, copy its API key, and then share your content with the integration.

Get an API Key

You only have to do this step once.
  1. Go to My Integrations.
  1. Click Create New Integration
  1. Fill out the form. You don’t need to give it a logo.
  1. Click Submit
  1. Copy the Internal Integration Token. It will start with secret_

Share pages with the Integration

You now have an integration, and an API key for it.
By default, your integration cannot access any pages in your Notion workspace. To share access with your integration:
  • Navigate to the page in question and click the ••• button on top right.
  • At the bottom of the pop-up, click Add connections.
  • In the resulting pop-up, search for and select the connection you created.

Built in Integrations

Not looking to built your own API integration? SyncWith has a built in Notion to Google Sheets integration to make it easy to pull Notion tables into Google Sheets and keep them automatically updated.