Google Sheets Addon

Temporary issue with our Google Ads Addon

Alex Black

Alex Black

The problem

Unfortunately Google has temporarily unpublished our addon “Google Ads connector by SyncWith”, which means you can no longer use it.  They have objected to our use of their trademark in the title, which they had previously approved.  We're working asap to get it republished and resolve this issue.

Recommended next steps

Option 1: Re-enable automatic refreshes

While this issue is ongoing, we’re unable to refresh your reports. However we have a solution: if you click this link and re-authorize SyncWith, we can then resume automatically refreshing your scheduled reports:
We think this is a good solution if you don’t need to edit/create reports in the next few days, but do need your data to be refreshed.

Option 2: Copy reports to our other addon

If you are really stuck, you could consider switching to one of our other addons, with identical functionality. (However, we are not confident Google won’t take issue with it also.)
  1. Please install our other addon, it has identical functionality:
  1. Open your spreadsheet in Google Sheets
  1. Make a copy of it, using File → Make a copy, in Google Sheets
  1. Open the copy of the spreadsheet, and in the “Extensions” menu open our Facebook addon there “Facebook connector by SyncWith”
    1. When you open the addon, it should copy over all of the reports in the spreadsheet for use with our main addon
  1. Please contact us via support or email, once you've completed those steps, and we can move your payment over to the new SyncWith account.
Again I'm terribly sorry for this interruption.  I am confident with these steps you can quickly get your existing reports up and running again, and we're here to help.