Get YouTube subscriber counts and view counts into Google Sheets

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Using the SyncWith Google Sheets Addon we can pull metrics from the YouTube API, including subscriber count, video count, view count and more, for one channel, or a list of channels. To do this we'll make use of the /v3/channels endpoint.


  1. Install the SyncWith Google Sheets Addon
  1. Search for YouTube and choose the /youtube/v3/channels endpoint, or paste in the endpoint:
  1. Press Connect to authorize access to the YouTube API using your YouTube account
  1. Populate the id field - you can use our How to find a YouTube Channel ID tutorial to get this
  1. Set part to snippet,statistics, this tells YouTube that you want the view count information as well as general information like channel title and description
  1. Click Preview
  1. You should now see data returned from YouTube
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Try it live

Try it below, and then export the results to a connected Google Sheet!

Get YouTube subscribers by channel ID

Please fill in any necessary fields and click Run.



View the API data, get a live Google Sheet dashboard

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Video Count

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