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Postgres, MySQL, BigQuery database connector

By SyncWith

Postgres, MySQL, BigQuery connector

Connect your databases directly to Google Sheets, compose custom SQL queries bring your business data live into Google Sheets. Fast. Easy. Free to get started.

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Screenshot showing how to connect Postgres, MySQL & BigQuery databases to Google Sheets


  • PostgresPostgres Using our addon you can easily connect Postgres to Google Sheets, compose custom SQL queries to pull live data from your databases into your spreadsheet, and configure those queries to run on a schedule (daily, hourly or every five minutes). Connect using a Postgresql connection string, or set connection parameters individually
  • MySQLMySQL You can also use our addon to connect MySQL to Google Sheets, to pull data directly from your MySQL databases into Google Sheets, easily and securely.
  • Google BigQueryGoogle BigQuery Our addon also supports connecting Google BigQuery to Google Sheets. If you're warehousing data in BigQuery, then you'll love the simplicty of pulling live data from BigQUery directly into Google Sheets, and keeping it updated on a schedule. You can connect securely with your login via OAuth, or using a service account.


You can use the Postgres, MySQL & BigQuery addon for Google Sheets to quickly and easily build custom reports, and connect all of your databases to Google Sheets

Reports can be scheduled to update automatically. Once you've pulled data into Google Sheets you can easily build charts and dashboards. Get all of your data one place, and set it up so you can easily view your busienss data without logging into multiple dashboards, saving you time and helping you achieve your goals!

When connecting to MySQL or Postgres databases you can use our static IP addresses to ensure the connection is private and secure.