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GA4 Google Sheets Addon

By SyncWith

GA4 and Google Analytics Website Traffic Data

Report on your GA4 and Google Analytics website traffic data in Google Sheets. Fast. Easy. Free to get started.

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Example Google Sheets addon report showing GA4 website traffic metrics

5 out of 5 stars

Great interface, does what it needs, works with multiple different datasources - wish I'd known about this earlier.

Dario da Silva


  • GA4GA4 Connect the latest google analytics GA4 to Google Sheets, and easily pull all of your website traffic, sessions, users, bounce rate, engagement, landing pages, events, conversions and more into Google Sheets. Segment your data, choose custom dimensions and metrics, and easily setup automated reports so you can stay on top of your marketing efforts
  • Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics Connect the original Google Analytics to Google Sheets (Universal Analytics) and track metrics including sessions, users, bounces, events and more
  • Google Search ConsoleGoogle Search Console Pull your SEO data from Google Search Console to Google Sheets to see exactly which keywords your visitors are clicking, and to track position and CTR


You can use the GA4 Google Sheets Addon to quickly and easily build custom reports, and connect all of your Google Analytics websites to Google Sheets to pull in traffic data, track events and conversions to view all of your key metrics in a single spreadsheet.

Reports can be scheduled to update automatically. Once you've pulled data into a spreadsheet you can easily build charts and dashboards. Get all of your data one place, and set it up so you can easily view your performance without logging into multiple dashboards, saving you time and helping you achieve your goals!

5 out of 5 stars

So much easier to use than the original version made by Google.

Blixa Markham