Update your Shopify inventory availability by SKU

The Shopify API makes it possible to export your inventory levels by SKU and location. You can then send requests to Shopify to adjust the inventory levels. This tutorial will show a spreadsheet that you can use, and explain how it works.

Get the template spreadsheet

  1. Click here to access the template spreadsheet: Shopify Inventory Updater
  1. Install the SyncWith add-on when the template prompts you:
    1. notion image
  1. The addon will automatically create two connections for you:
    1. notion image

Connect SyncWith to your Shopify account

In order to access your product inventory data, you will need to grant SyncWith permission to communicate with Shopify.
  1. Click on the Get Inventory Levels connection
  1. Click the Connect button
    1. notion image
  1. You will be redirected to Shopify to finish authenticating.
  1. After authenticating, your account should appear. You may need to back out and click back in.
  1. Click Update
The Get Inventory Levels connection uses Shopify’s GraphQL endpoint to report on your SKUs and inventory levels. You can read our Track your Shopify inventory by SKU tutorial to learn more.

Prepare to adjust your inventory levels

The Get Inventory Levels spreadsheet should now show your product SKUs, with one row for each location and the SKU’s availability at that location:
notion image
In the New Availability column, you can enter new values. If you leave the cell blank, or put the same value as the old value, it will not be updated. SKUs whose availabilty will be updated will turn yellow to signal that you have made a change:
notion image

Adjust your inventory levels

At this point, your inventory levels have not yet been adjusted. Next, we’ll use a bit of Google Sheets wizardry, our cell references feature, and Shopify’s inventory_levels/set endpoint to do the updating.
  1. Switch to the Pending Updates sheet. It should show a filtered list of your product SKUs — only the ones whose availability need to be updated based on your edits on the previous sheet:
    1. notion image
  1. If the list looks good, refresh the Adjust Inventory Levels connection.
On your first use of the spreadsheet, you’ll need to click into it and connect your Shopify account, then click Update.
Refreshing the Adjust Inventory Levels connection will use our cell references feature to make 1 request per SKU to Shopify’s Admin API to update that SKU’s availability in the given location.